If you’re FOMO on shows has been on overdrive with all there is to watch these days, have no fear, FCR is here to tell you what to watch and what to not in our new series: “skip it, skim it, or stream it”

Homecoming Season 2: SKIP IT

We were expecting season 2 to pick up where season 1 left off with the fabulous Julia Roberts in the small town diner. Instead, season 2 disappoints with NO Julia! It feels like a different show now with Janelle Monae in the leading role. Skip it.


Dead To Me Season 2: SKIP IT

We loved season 1, but right from the start of the second season, Dead To Me feels like a chore to watch. Skip it.

Never Have I Ever: SKIP IT

The only thing funny in this show is the mother, who we rarely see. Skip it.

Wine Country: SKIP IT

With the funniest cast of comedy ladies ever assembled on screen, we thought this film would be nonstop laughs. Instead, it was nonstop boredom. Skip it.

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