The 6 Scary Movies You Must See in 2019

Start your 2019 movie watching season with these must see movies. We’ve spent countless hours and late nights searching for the best binge-worthy scary movies you need to see.

1. The Strangers: Prey at Night


If you liked the first film in 2008, you’ll LOVE the second film even more! Released a decade later, this film is not a sequel to the first. DON’T listen to the online reviews, it IS actually worth your time. 

Reason to watch: love ballads from the 1980s and the shit that goes down when they start to play (you’ll get what we mean when you watch it).

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2. Bird Box


Reason to watch: Sandra Bullock (of course). She’s as mesmerizing as the plot is twisted. 

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3. Lizzie


Reason to watch: Chloë Sevigny (anything with her is worth a view) and Kristen Stewart’s creepy love affair. As usual, Stewart’s performance is one note, but for some reason it works in this film. Plus the ending will have you researching the actual case online.

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4. The Kindergarten Teacher


Reason to watch: Maggie Gyllenhaal. Her performance is better than anything you’ve seen before. Oh yeah, and the ending will leave you breathless. 

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5. Halloween


Reason to watch: Jamie Lee Curtis kicking ass and taking names. Added bonus, the original sound effects from the 1970s.

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6. Better Watch Out


Reason to watch: Levi Miller. His performance is amazing! Plus, there are so many twists and turns you won’t see what’s coming.

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