*BONUS CONTENT! More Missing Maura Murray Podcast Questions

[Round 2: Theories]

Suicide in the Mountains

Lance: Possible, but if it was what happened it wasn’t why she drove there.

Tim:  No, I don’t think that’s what happened at all.  If someone was that desperate to not live anymore, they wouldn’t drive that long distance to do that

She ran from the crash site and froze to death

Lance:   I think that’s very possible, I mean there’s that road there that she could’ve ran down and got lost from there.  Theres also a good possibility that she froze in that river close by and swept away.  But I don’t see someone thats in that situation and going to that destination running so far into the woods that she’s not found, ever.

She part of an underground railroad for abused women who aided her to Canada

Tim:  I don’t think so, but it’s possible.

Lance:  I put that low on the possible list.  The thing that keeps getting me is that there was no reference of physical evidence of abuse that she would need to run away from.

She ran away with her track coach to Canada and assumed a new identity

Tim:  No, the track coach is married with kids now living in a different state, so she’s not with him…now, I mean he has been documented as being at a track meet in Rhode Island that day for UMass.

She was on her way to that UMass cabin

Tim:  I think it’s possible that was her destination or maybe it was one of a few possible destinations Maura was thinking of stopping at or staying at the night when she left UMass, but the police said there is no statement or evidence that suggest she was going there or went there, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t like change her mind on the road and went there to spend the night, that would kind of make some sense, the police say that they don’t believe so…it’s hard to disagree with the police.


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