*BONUS CONTENT! More Missing Maura Murray Podcast Questions

We decided to release some bonus content from our interview with Lance and Tim of the Missing Maura Murray Podcast.  Let us know what you think!

[Round 1: Flash Q&A]

Was there red liquid in the snow?

Tim:  True.

Lance:  Yeah, we think it’s alcohol.

Tim:  Yeah but the police in their answer didn’t change the wording to “alcohol” or “red wine”, they just kept with “red liquid”.

Lance:  If it was blood, that whole area would’ve been shut down.

The rag in the tail pipe

Lance:  I don’t frickin’ know, I just don’t know!

Tim:  Yeah, I don’t frickin’ know either!  I mean it was likely that it was put there by Maura herself, based on information that Fred gave to police, he said he told her to put it there if something was going wrong with the car.  So I think Maura put the rag in the tailpipe, I don’t know what the hell that means, but if I were to speculate or theorize a little bit I think it’s some kind if signal that Maura was sending to somebody, probably her dad, I have no idea what that signal meant, and I don’t even think her dad knows what it meant.  I think she probably put it in there and said this is evidence of me being here at this scene at this moment…a bread crumb if you will.

Lance:  I’m on the other side of that where I think of the account that says there was a flurry of activity by the trunk, I think maybe she had something on her that she didn’t want to be found out, or..OR maybe she took the key and wrapped it up in the rag and put it in the tail pipe because she didn’t want to get caught for drinking and she was going to chill out in the woods or something and come back to get it later.

The Red Cross phone call

Lance:  It was actually verified that the red cross checks up on people who leave for family emergencies or something.

Tim: It’s not relevant.

The A-Frame house

Tim:  We’ve been in it, we got some pretty interesting footage from it, we’ve collected samples from it, some of those samples are still inconclusive…

Lance:  We’ve talked to the current owners…it’s a creepy place…the second I walked in there I wanted to leave…there’s something bad in that place.

Tim:  Something bad happened there, I’m not specifically talking about Maura, its just, I mean even talking about it now makes me uncomfortable!

Wasn’t there blood stains on the carpet in the closet?

Tim: Yeah, there have been a lot of reports of some violent shit in that house…but as far as samples we’ve collected, we cant rule anything out yet.

Lance:  Well we can rule a couple things out Tim.

Tim: Well…

Can you say?

Tim:  Well, no we can’t.

Oh well…

The red truck

Tim:  I don’t know, this is one I really don’t know.  But it looks like whoever was driving that red truck was looking for someone specific that night…but if it’s traced back to these Glynn brothers, who lived close by and have been reported as not being good guys…it doesn’t mean they’re looking for a girl to abduct…its probably not related i guess.

What do you think are the most important facts or information that people should be focusing on about the case?

Lance:  I personally think the focus should be on the crash site and the time frame before the crash and after the crash…a hour before the crash and a hour after…to further define that, it’s like looking at the police report or the call log from dispatch and what was done immediately during the time frame of the crash .  I know before that I said I had a really strong belief that we weren’t going to bring closure to this if we didn’t look into her past, but NOW I really think that the only way we are really going to figure something out is by looking at that two hour window and then that month prior.

Tim:  I think, well its hard, because that time frame is fast.


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