Part 3 – The Missing Maura Murray Podcast Interview: The Evidence


In the final part of our interview, we ask Lance and Tim some final evidentiary questions related to Maura’s disappearance.

What do you make of Karen Mayotte (Maura’s supervisor) and her story about Maura being so upset after a phone call with her sister that she needed to be escorted to her dorm?

Lance:  God, I wish we could talk to Karen to kinda determine what she’s all about.  From what we’ve heard she’s an incredibly talkative and friendly person, but has been known to provide liberties with her story.  The fact that she…well we’ve never talked to her…but on the surface it seems like it’s credible, you read it and you’re like, that’s what a supervisor would do, and if Maura was that shaken up, then Karen would’ve walked her back to her dorm.  But the more people start looking into it and the more people start talking to people since she made those statements, it turns out a littler suspect.

Tim:  Then you have Kathleen [Maura’s sister] and her side of it and she says they were just talking about boy trouble…there was no bombshell in the conversation that would have led Maura to be that upset where she needed to be escorted to her dorm.  If anything like that occurred, it was probably just her trying to get out of work or Karen Mayotte embellishing it.

Were there any records of roaming calls from Maura’s phone?

Tim:  I think that we found that there were no roaming calls.

Lance:  Yes, we looked into it and the roaming calls were not listed on any documents, but it turns out that they would’ve been if there was any.  A lot of stuff happened in that small space of time when the phone information came out so it is a little foggy…but I do remember that the conclusion was that we don’t have to consider this aspect of any importance anymore.

The man smoking a cigarette / the red glow from inside the car, is there any evidence to support or deny that?

Both: Ahhh, none, no solid evidence!

Lance:  That still sticks in my head a bit.

Tim:  An armchair detective did do some research on this and actually read the entire cell phone manual and was able to tell when the phone would glow red and I want to say that, we think it was probably on the charger, but I can’t remember the specific information.

Lance:  It’s pretty darn unlikely it was a man smoking a cigarette, I don’t know how the hell that information got on the report.  It’s probably one of those tiny details that doesn’t ultimately matter in the large scale of this mystery.

Tim:  Right, it could very well be something where it was lost in translation or interpretation.

Do you have any new information on the Bob McDonald character that Billy was talking to for 34 minutes?

Lance:  Umm, other than that he doesn’t remember that call being about Maura, no there’s nothing new there.  That guy is pretty well respected and I believe he is a professor at West Point, so I don’t think he is some dark character that Billy hired to do something to hurt Maura for Billy.  But it is weird when you look at phone records because it’s right at that time when she went missing and it’s a 30 minute call…I mean I don’t talk to my guy friends for that long unless we’re catching up and supposedly they were really good friends, but it was sandwiched in between transit calls by Billy…so it’s a little bit hard to believe that there was no talk about Maura there.

Can you tell us if you’ve heard about any investigation into Butch Atwood (the first person listed on the scene after the accident)?

Tim:  Not really, I mean we know that there was a cop that talked to him that night…I think Butch even helped a little bit.  As far as searching Butch’s area, I don’t know, but I will say that as far as investigators working are concerned, they’ve never checked Butch off their list of possible suspects.

*Need more Maura?  Well we had so much to talk to Lance and Tim about that we’ve added a bonus article packed full of some more Maura related questions!  Stay tuned…

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