True Crime Talk with Lance and Tim of The Missing Maura Murray Podcast – Part 1

Our Sizzling Summer of True Crime Talk Continues with Lance and Tim of The Missing Maura Murray Podcast.

Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna have taken the label of “armchair detective” to the next level with their investigation into the disappearance of Maura Murray, which consists of a top rated podcast and an upcoming documentary.  Here is part 1 of our 3 part interview with Lance and Tim.

The Disappearance of Maura Murray

At 7:35pm, on February 9th, 2004, New Hampshire State Police are called to scene of a single car accident on Rt. 112.  It was the intersection of Wild Ammonoosuc Road and Bradley Hill Road where a U-Mass Amherst student named Maura Murray vanished after she apparently lost control of her vehicle after a sharp bend.  When authorities arrived not ten minutes later, Maura was gone.  There has been no credible sighting of her since.

Statement from the documentary:


Tim (left) and Lance (right) recording an early episode of the Missing Maura Murray Podcast

How do you two know each other?

Tim:  In 2002, Lance was running a murder mystery comedy dinner theatre show in Boston and I was introduced to him by one of his actors and then I became an actor in one of those shows.  So we performed and acted together in that stuff for a few years and then we moved on to short films and then feature films.

What are your day jobs?

Lance:  I work in the events industry, managing the logistics of high end events and I’m pretty sure Tim just does a bunch of drugs at home.

Tim: (laughing)…so many drugs.  No actually I do video editing and some camera work for corporate videos and I am a network engineer for a really cool company out of New York that does web casting.  So a lot of what I do revolves around audio and video editing.

How did you first hear about this case?

Lance:   I was looking up unsolved crimes and mysteries in New England  and the Maura Murray case was always in the top three.

Tim:  I heard about the case from Lance.  I had stopped by his office one night in East Boston where he was doing some editing and he started telling me about the case and we talked about it for two hours or more and then he showed me the Alden Olson video.  I was terrified walking from his building, Lance’s office is in like a half filled warehouse so it was pretty empty where I was and it was a bad time of night.  When I was leaving, I remember looking over my shoulder thinking that Alden was going to be there or something!

Lance:  In that happy anniversary video, Alden comes off like a raving lunatic, but I don’t think he is really like that.  In any other interaction that I’ve seen from him, he’s a lot different than that.  We’re still trying to get an interview with him for the show.

What was it about this case that got you so obsessed with it?

Lance:  For me the obsession, or that part of it, started after watching Alden’s video.

Tim:  I have to agree with you Lance, that was probably it for me too.  The other thing I would say is the amount of possibilities of things that could have happened to Maura is really intriguing.  It’s more than just a murder, a suicide, or a runaway.  Even paranormal shit you can get into, it’s like a choose your own adventure book, it’s very fascinating talk about and think about.

Lance:  It’s like the missing white girl syndrome.  I think that’s what draws people to the case, they see the pictures, the young girl, the perfect brunette hair, the dimples, the big smile…she’s presented as the all American girl.  So you go into it thinking it’s pretty straight forward and the more you dig into it, the more you discover it’s anything but.

*Stay tuned for part 2 where we get into the facts of the case!

One comment

  1. My film version of mauras disappearance on the big screen:
    1.maura and billy have a rocky relationship and always seem to argue and fight.
    2. competition issues with maura and her sister Julie appear in the family
    3. maura leaves military school and goes to Amherst nursing
    4. Billy and maura continue to argue. She has affair with track coach and billy has an affair with someone else.
    5.Maura feuds with her sisters husband and he makes a pass at her.
    6. maura has an accident with car. Upset over this.
    7. Maura argues with sister over her brother in law
    8. Maura finally needs a break from life and decides to take a week of school like she has done before., gone for a few days and comes back smiling.
    9. Goes to a party that weeknd at dorm room, gets drunk and also has those credit card issues before this.
    10. Maura finally decides to go away for a full week to get away\
    11. packs her things in orderly fashion because she isn’t sur eof anything yet.
    12. she leaves campus , drives i91 and onto route 112
    13. Hits snowbank and car stalls out and she is stunned.
    14. earlier, police chief in sedan has an accident due to his drunkness.
    15. changes vehicles with another officer, car 001
    16. butch atwood comes along and offers help. maura refuses. westermans call 911 and bitches wife calls 911 shortly afterward.
    17. 001 cruiser suv shows up an OFFICER STARTS Arguing WITH MAURA. One thing leads to another but maura gets in car and they drive off.
    18. towtruck driver shows up and second officer shows up on scene. no one there.
    19. 001 officer and maura argue and a fight insues. someone is injured and it isn’t the cop. Cop panics and takes remains back to his place.
    20. Other police next morning investigate and know what has happened but cant prove anything.

    This is the whole event in my mind. If not, ray forcier might have partied with maura that night near by while hiding her. Fight insued and someone dies.. remains are buried in spring time.

    This si what I think in a nut shell. straight forward and simple. But this is only fiction guys!!!!!!!


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