Part 2 – True Crime Talk with Aaron Habel of The Generation Why Podcast

In part 2 of our interview, we asked Aaron to weigh in on some popular cases.  We did a “guilty / not guilty” round of questions and then asked him to give us his theories on what happened in some popular unsolved cases.

Guilty / Not Guilty

Casey Anthony


Robert Durst


Michael Peterson (from The Staircase)

Oooh, I need to put an asterisk on this one.  I think he most likely is guilty, but I still have trouble with the story the prosecution put forth.

What do you think about the whole “owl theory”?

I’m intrigued by it, it seems possible, but it’s more likely that the husband murdered the wife.

Adnan Syed

I just don’t know.  The case is just a mess.

Steven Avery

I would slightly lean towards guilty, but I don’t have the confidence of saying he did it like I do with say, Casey Anthony.  But I think it’s possible.

Drew Peterson

I would say I don’t know, but where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Oscar Pistorius

I waffle on this one, but I do believe he’s a dangerous individual.

Scott Peterson

I lean towards guilty.

What Happened To…

Maura Murray

I believe she ran off because she wasn’t accepting any help and died from exposure to the elements and they just have never found her body.

Jon Benet Ramsey

I suspect it was someone in the house and that it was covered up by the family.

Kyron Horman

I really suspect that the step mother was involved in that.  It makes the most sense because when you drop a child off at school, someone would have seen the child.

Kendrick Johnson

I wanted to review that episode actually, because I waffle on what I think happened.  When it comes down to it, I lean towards foul play.

Madeline McCann

Any given day I could lean one way or the other.  At the moment I would say I just don’t know, I couldn’t tell you what happened to her.  I sound suspicious of the parents on the program because they have this system for checking in on the children while they are out eating dinner, but they don’t even follow it.

Elisa Lam

It’s funny you ask about this one because I did not want to do that episode.  I thought it was just too popular a case.  But what I think happened was that she went off her meds and ended up going crazy.  I was looking at the layout of the hotel and you could totally get up to that water tower by yourself, but it would be very difficult to carry someone up there and place them in the water tank.

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