DIY: Paint Your Concrete Floors

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 to 2 Gallons of Paint (eggshell or satin finish work best)
  • Pair of Flip Flops or Old Sneakers

Prep Time:

  • No more than 10 minutes

Application Time:

  • 30 to 60 minutes depending on size of area

Drying Time:

  • Safe to touch: 30 minutes
  • Full dry: 24 hours

After a heavy rain storm flooded my finished basement and destroyed the carpet, all I was left with was the concrete foundation underneath.

Since I used my basement as a second living room and office area, I didn’t want to just clean up the mess and leave it as a concrete storage room, but laying new carpet or any type of functional flooring would require money that I did not have.  So I thought, why not just paint it and see what it looks like.  I utilized all the remaining wall paint from previous projects, so it cost me literally nothing, and the result was better than I expected:



DIY Steal This Look

1.  Choose your colors

  • You will need at least 2 colors (I used three)

– one base coat color to set and cover the existing concrete

– one accent color to add dimension and variance

– one top coat to blend everything together (I used a lighter shade of the base coat color, but using the same base coat color is fine as well)

2.  Prep the area

  • Spend a few minutes sweeping away any debris from the area of concrete you want to cover

3.  Apply the base coat color

  • Put on your scrubs and flip flops or old sneakers (I used both and found that sneakers work better)
  • Pour out a pancake’s worth of paint onto the concrete (I recommend starting in the middle and working your way outwards)IMG_4637
  •  Spread the paint out with your feet (replicate Tom Cruise in Risky Business or any Michael Jackson dance routine)


giphy (1)

  •  Add more paint when needed until entire area is roughly covered
  • Let dry for 30 minutes

4.  Apply the accent color

  • The accent color is simply that, an accent, so don’t get too carried away like with the base color application.  All you need is to cover the soles of your shoes with the accent color and walk around the area until you begin to see some color contrast like the yellow shown in the photo below:


  • Let dry for 30 minutes

5.  Apply the top coat color

  • Apply the top coat color the same way you applied the base coat color in step three.
  • Let it dry for a full 24 hours

6.  Enjoy the results!

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