The talented Annie Goodchild talks to us about her music, her style, and her new album with the group Melou!

You’ve garnered a lot of attention and fans from your amazing videos with Postmodern Jukebox, do you have a favorite cover that you’ve performed with them?

I have loved making each video with PMJB,  but I would say my favorite is the least known which is Avril lavignes “Skater Boi”, or is it “Sk8ter Boi”?  It was before Scott really created PMJB, but we had a lot of fun.  I think it was 9 in the morning after I had had a late show the night before.  I didn’t know the song so it’s by far the least professional, but also the most honest glimpse of me I guess, yeah we just kinda rocked it out!

You have a great presence on stage, have you always wanted to be a performer?

Yes.  I wanted to sing and create at a very early age.  Nothing else ever really compared.  The only other thing I ever considered was a veterinarian…specifically for panda bears.  Which, fun fact, is my spirit animal!

We love your personal style, what inspires your look?

Oh man I wish I had a super poised and thought out answer to this, but I don’t!  I am a capable woman of many things, but fashion is not one of them.  I guess I get inspired from so many things and people.  My style is sometimes hints of vintage, big hair, a dress and combat boots and sometimes Frida braids and 10 pounds of jewelry.

 You are the vocal front of the group Melou, how did this group get started?

Ok , I’m gonna try to make a long story super short.  Instead of college I decided to go to Guatemala with a girl I had recently met.  She’s lovely by the way.  There I met Maarten Swaan, the other founder of Melou, and by the end of our four month stay we were playing 5 shows a week, decided it was too good to end,  so Maarten quit his job, picked up another guitar player in Boston and we headed out to Amsterdam.   We just stayed on the road and kinda figured out how to be a band while we were doing it.  It definitely shaped who I am as an artist.

Melou draws from a wide range of musical styles, what musical style really motivates you to sing?

 All of them!  Growing up it was the great female vocalists, then life happened and I tried to listen to everything. Now all sound inspires me. Musical or not.

You have recorded a new album with Melou, what can fans expect from this album in comparison to your last three releases?

We actually already finished it.  It will be available on iTunes and other medias in a month or so.  It’s called Bound and I’m super excited for everyone to hear it!  In comparison to the last three albums, I would say this one is lyrically really personal.  A little more autobiographical in some ways.  And I think we have a more focused sound on this album.  I’m really proud of it.

And the last and most important question, what is your favorite color?

 I am a big lover of color!  I would have to say turquoise!


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