The Best Apple Watch Apps, So Far

Apple Watch has been out for a while, and now apps are starting to catch up.  Here are the best apps for your Apple Watch, so far…

1. Numerous

Numerous follows the most important numbers in your life and keeps them all up to date, all in one place.

Connect your bank account, credit cards, loans, facebook, twitter, etc. and see all their balances/numbers updated in real time all in one place.  It’s extra awesome on the Apple Watch!

Price: FREE

Complication: NO


2. Sleep ++

Keep track of your sleep as well as your restless time, just press the “Start Sleeping” button and snooze away, the app will track the rest.

Price: FREE

Complication: YES


3. Fantastical 2

Fantasical 2 is the best alternative to the apple stock calendar app and it’s even more useful on Apple Watch with a complication that shows you whats on your schedule and easy Siri commands.

Price: FREE

Complication: YES


4. Streaks

Streaks is the to do list app that helps you make good habits.  Just tell the app what you would like to make a habit, like walk the dog daily, and streaks will remind you and keep track of your progress.

Price: $3.99

Complication: YES


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