Apple Watch Review

It was hard to resist the call of Apple Watch, so I didn’t.  After a few months of using the product, I’m still on the fence if the product was worth its price.  Watch OS2 helped improve the watch’s utility, but I’m still waiting for more features.

That being said, let’s talk pure aesthetics – this is a beautiful product, not surprising because it’s made by Apple.  However, what I was surprised about was how lightweight the watch is – I often forget that it’s on my wrist – and the watch band itself is comfortable and easily changeable.  I also loved the feel and quality of the display; the graphics are crisp, photos look surprisingly great, and it feels like cool butter.

The Good

1.  Messaging

…It’s nice not having to have your phone on you or right by your side, apple-watch-messagingespecially if you have the iPhone Plus version.  With one twist of your wrist, you can easily see incoming messages and then respond via Siri or any number of pre-programmed replies.

2.  Connectivity

…What I really love about Apple Watch is how easily you can control other devices with it.  It connects to a computer to control iTunes, airplay devices, Hulu, and even your home security system.

3.  Siri

…I don’t know what Apple did, siri-1410301574-oZyf-column-width-inlinebut I feel like Siri works so much better on the watch than on my phone.  The conversational improvements make “talking” to Siri much easier.

4.  Battery

…The battery life has not been an issue for me, especially when you have it in airplane mode.  Even if you do find yourself close to 0%, the watch charges surprisingly fast.

The Bad

1.  Voice Calling

…I was really hoping that talking on this this thing would be so great as to make me never have to use my phone again.  Not so.  While I have no problem hearing the person on the other end (as long as the surroundings aren’t too noisy), the person on the other end usually says they can’t hear me that well.  The other problem is that if it’s a long call, your wrist and arm get tired from holding the watch to your face.

2.  Interface

…Interacting with the watch leaves much to be desired.  The two side apple-watch-press-crown-homebuttons could be used in better ways and the all apps screen is a mess – it’s all your watch apps dumped on one screen and then you have to spin the “digital crown” to zoom in on the app you want to open.

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