DIY: Create a Home Gym for Under $75

It’s easier than you think to have a gym right in your very own home.  All you need is some inexpensive basics and some free space and you are all set to start breaking a sweat.  Here are 5 the things you need to make it all happen.

1.  Location

You don’t need lots of space or even a dedicated room to have your own home gym.  Just be sure to make it a place that you’ll enjoy spending time in, no one wants to work out in a drab or negative space.  We recommend a guest room or your basement family room.

2.  Yoga Mats

For non-carpeted areas, yoga mats are a must because they’ll add some comfort to your space.  They’re also great for carpeted areas as no one wants to be stretching out and laying face down in pet hair.

We recommend:

Free weights are the must have basic equipment that are used to exercise  every muscle in your body.  There are endless ways free weights are used in both light and heavy work out sessions.

We recommend:

4.  Stability Ball

Get a stability ball to take your sit-ups, planks, and stretches to the next level. They’re inexpensive, take up little space, and really improve your form.

We recommend:

5.  Foam Roller

End your workout routine by rolling out your muscles.  This improves alignment and hip mobility while increasing core flexibility and aids in stabilization and myofascial release.

We recommend:


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