Wireless Headphones: Rock Out with the Cord Out!

Tired of the cord yanking out of the jack every time a Taylor Swift song causes you to nod your head in furious agreement?  Well wake up to the new way to listen cord free!  After extensive research and hours of listening to everything audio, these two products are your best bet for cord free listening.

Over the Ear

Sony MDR10RBT Bluetooth Wireless Headphones5dcfd399b9df94b939bf4bca6eac96d1_390x390

This is the more expensive option of the two.  Opt for these headphones if you have issues with ear buds, the over the ear speakers feel like fluffy pillows that emit music.

The Good

  • Comfort factor

The Bad

  • The price
  • The control buttons: awkward  locations, the play/pause button also acts as the next/previous track button – leads to many annoying accidental track changes
  • The battery level indicator: to check the battery level you have watch how many times the red light indicator blinks immediately after you turn them on


In the Ear

LG Electronics HBS-730.ACUSBKK Tone and Bluetooth Headsetea05fc800556b1650a99dbe127f54a2a_440x440

This is the least expensive option of the two.  Opt for these headphones for the around the neck comfort and ease of operation, plus the sound quality is MUCH better!

The Good

  • The Price

  • The control buttons are laid out well and easy to operate

  • The battery level indicator: every time you turn these bad boys on a come-hither voice announces the battery level.

  • The comfort level: perfect for runners and gym rats, you’ll forget it’s resting around your neck, like a snake wearing a plush sweater.

The Bad

  • The only drawback is if you don’t like the feel of ear buds

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