Best True Crime Podcasts – Part One: Unsolved Disappearances

Our Three Part Series on the Juiciest True Crime and True Mystery Podcasts Ever!

Part One: Unsolved Disappearances

At Favorite Color Rust we are obsessed with podcasts and even more obsessed with bringing you only the best episodes that are worthy of your ear time.  We spent an entire year listening to every true crime and every true mystery podcast episode available.  We have psychotically sliced away all the fat, just for you.  What’s left is only the juiciest and meatiest true crime and true mystery podcast episodes of all time, divided into a three part series all for your hearing pleasure.

(In chronological order)

1.  Dorothy Arnold – December 12, 1910

Manhattan socialite and perfume heiress vanished after buying a book in New York City. She intended to walk through Central Park, but was never seen again.

2.  Jean Spangler –  October 7, 1949

Dancer, model, and bit-part actress.  Disappeared from Los Angeles, California. Last seen by her sister-in-law before going to meet her ex-husband. Two days later her purse was found near the entrance gate to Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

3.  Jim Thompson – March 26, 1967

Former U.S. military intelligence officer who failed to return from an afternoon walk in the Cameron Highlands in Pahang, Malaysia, no trace of him has ever been found.

4.  Frederick Valentich – October 21, 1978

Disappeared during a solo flight over the Bass Strait in Australia, after reporting to an air traffic controller that his plane was being circled by an unknown craft.

5.  Bill Brennan – September 22, 1992

Stardust casino employee Bill Brennan walked out of work with half a million dollars belonging to the casino. He hasn’t been heard from since.

6.  Zebb Quinn – January 2, 2000

After receiving a mysterious page, Zebb Quinn cancelled his plans with a friend and drove away, never to be seen again. His car was found two weeks later in a parking lot with lips drawn on the rear window and a puppy in the car. He has never been found, and despite other suspects, the last person to see him alive was arrested just this year for murdering a Food Network star.

7.  Sneha Philip – September 10, 2001

An Indian-American physician last seen on 10 September 2001, on surveillance camera footage from a store near her Lower Manhattan apartment. Due to the proximity of the World Trade Center and her medical training, her family believes she perished trying to help victims of the next day’s terrorist attack. A court has agreed and she is officially considered to have died that way. The ruling was not unanimous, and no proof of her death has ever been found

8.  Brian Carrick – December 20, 2002

Disappeared from the Val’s Foods market in Johnsburg, Illinois. Traces of his blood were found in the store.  His remains have still never been found.

9.  Maura Murray – February 9 2004

A nursing student, Murray left campus earlier that afternoon after packing her car and emailing her professors and work supervisor that she was taking a week off due to a family emergency. No family emergency existed.  Over ten years after her disappearance, there is no suspect and her whereabouts remain unknown.

10.  David Sneddon –  August 11, 2004

David Sneddon’s last contact to his family was an email from China saying that he was heading to Tiger Leaping Gorge.  Chinese authorities concluded that Sneddon had died somewhere on the trail.  However, timeline discrepancies and sightings have his family thinking otherwise.

11.  Madeleine McCann – May 3, 2007

Disappeared after being left asleep in the unlocked ground-floor bedroom of her family’s rented holiday apartment in the Portugal while her parents dined with friends at a local restaurant. There have been no confirmed sightings of her since then.

12.  Michele Miscavige – August ?, 2007

Wife of Church of Scientology head David Miscavige, has not been seen since August 2007. Her husband and other church officials claim she has elected to do her church work privately.

13.  Kyron Horman – June 4th, 2010

Kyron went missing after attending a school science fair, never making it to his first class, although stepmother, Terri Horman, states that she left the school at around 8:45 a.m. and remembered seeing Kyron walking down the hall to his first class.  He was not seen in his first math class and has not been seen since.

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